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KS PTI  CO.,LTD was established on November 15, 2019 with the aspiration to become a manufacturer and distributor of mechanical engineering products, boiler, cosmetics, food, and wastewater treatment lines in Vietnam. domestic and foreign markets.
We wish to create a reputable enterprise with comprehensive capacity in management, production and distribution of the best service to meet the needs of each customer.


KS will bring to customers high quality products, competitive prices and best services. We are determined to build trust and create value from our own brand. Over the years, KS has constantly improved its infrastructure, implemented 5S and improved the most appropriate service process to affirm its position as a business in Vietnam and in the world.


KS has built and chosen for itself a successful path from putting the quality of work and prestige first to raising the brand value.

Our company always improves service quality, always receives new science and technology improvements, and always listens to the community’s feedback from customers and serves customers with the most advanced services. . Build a KS stronger and more successful.

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The workspace is designed in the direction of modernization, smart furniture ensures flexibility & utilities, green working environment create a comfortable working place for employees, helping everyone to maximize their own capacity, improve work efficiency.


With a factory scale of 1000m2 on a land area of ​​2000m2, together with modern machines and equipment and a team of experienced staff with many years of passion and enthusiasm. With these things, KS is sure to be able to create quality products


With a team of managers and experts who have spent many years of professional experience and worked at key projects before establishing the Company, rich experience through many years of training, cooperation and enthusiasm. enthusiasm, passion for work, creativity, and love for the profession. Including:

  • 2 Masters
  • 6 Bachelors
  • 6 Engineers
  • 20 Workers

24/7 support

Our team is always ready to provide a better and fast solution to your service needs.

Processing and manufacturing

Consulting, designing, Machining and manufacturing according to customers' requirements and drawings


Ensure production and supply of products that meet TCVN, ASME. Develop a plan for synchronous development of people and businesses.

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KS would like to send greetings and honor to cooperate and serve with your company, customers! Sincerely thank!



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