Boiler installation


With today’s industrialization and modernization, boilers are almost universally used in factories and industrial parks, helping to burn fuel and generate heat in The combustion process will transfer the water in the furnace to turn the water into steam.

Boilers are commonly used in industries such as chemical, sugar, wine, beer, beverage, food processing plants. This type of boiler is called an industrial boiler, with low steam pressure, small output.

For industrial boilers, steam produced is saturated steam, steam pressure does not exceed 2.0 Mpa, temperature t = 250 oC.

In the industry, boilers are classified into many different types based on the fuel combustion in the fire chamber and the water circulation mode.


Boiler water supply system:

– Supply water to the boiler, automatically adjust to meet the steam demand.

The water supplied to the boiler is converted into steam, which is called feed water.

Steam system:

The steam system collects and controls the flow of steam generated in the boiler. Steam is led from the boiler through a pipeline system to the point of use. Throughout the system, steam pressure is regulated by a valve and checked by a manometer.

Boiler feeding system:

The fuel system includes all the equipment used to put fuel into the boiler to supply the entire combustion process in the combustion chamber. The equipment required in the fuel supply system depends on the type of fuel used in the system.

Boiler exhaust smoke treatment system:

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– Boilers, Boiler boilers are used in industrial plants that use heat with the role of providing heat and steam sources and conducting heat and steam sources to necessary machinery systems.

In most industries, boilers are widely used. Depending on the needs and conditions of the industry, the level of heat use as well as the capacity of the furnace varies. Eg:

+ Garment companies, dry cleaning companies: Boiler boilers are used to provide steam for the laundry process.

+ Companies that process animal feed or produce confectionery: use Boiler to dry products.

+ Factories that produce water, soy sauce or soft drinks: use boilers to heat or sterilize.


-The boiler is Dry / Severely full of water

-Perforation or hot explosion of boiler

– Deflated in parts of the boiler

-Broken water pipe and boiler manometer

-The boiler feed water valve assembly is broken

– Boiler bottom drain valve is broken

– Falling boiler wall, falling refractory bricks, broken insulation

-The water supply pump to the boiler is broken

-The boiler fan is broken

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KS PTI Company we receive repair & installation of boilers:

– Get crafting & supply saturated steam

– Design, manufacture Boiler on demand

– Pressure Equipment

– Construction & Installation of boilers

– Service of repairing and maintaining boilers

– Upgrade oil fired boiler to biomass boiler


Firstly: Boilers must be designed and built to ensure hygienic construction standards and general standards

Second: The boiler must be fixed in a private house. It is allowed to be placed outdoors if the boiler is designed and manufactured in accordance with the actual conditions of use.

Third: Ceiling and working rooms above boilers except those specified in the general standard chuẩn

Fourth: It is allowed to organize the installation and operation of boilers in the factory

Fifth: The lowest floor of the boiler installation and operation organizer must be higher than the floor and the ground around the boiler house.

Sixth: The exit door, the entrance door of the boiler house must be opened to the outside. The doors of ancillary works to the boiler house must be fitted with springs that automatically close and open towards the boiler installation and operation organizer.


+ The boiler must stop operating immediately for unexpected repair if there is damage to the boiler’s pressurized parts, causing the risk of serious accidents.

+ When the boiler operation expires, it must stop operating the furnace for inspection, repair and registration for continued use.

+ The repair of medium and large boilers must be done by individuals and units recognized by state law and must comply with current technical regulations on boiler safety.

+ When encountering problems that cannot be fixed, please contact the boiler supplier

+ All boiler problems and troubleshooting must be recorded in the operation log.

+ The change of structure and working principle of the boiler must be approved by the boiler supplier. If the facility uses the change arbitrarily, all responsibility belongs to that establishment.

–> All the above inadequacies, if your company has any problems, please contact our company!

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