Coal-fired boiler with chain grate


Boiler model KS – CBG water pipe combined with 2 ballons. Coal fuel is put into the combustion chamber by advanced technology, unlike the old chain grate. The supply of coal by the ejection method reduces the pressure of the coal weight on the burner surface, the combustion process is more thorough, the fuel is burned on the burning surface of the combustion chamber called pass 1. Smoke continues to move outside the water pipe through The water pipe wall passes through pass 2 and pass 3 to transfer heat to the water to generate steam, the smoke exits the furnace through the water heater, continues through the air dryer, enters the centrifugal dust filter cyclone and passes through the water film dust filter and then to the pipe. smoke. This type of furnace has a high efficiency of >83%, and is chosen by many factories. In addition, the boiler is designed based on advanced international standards ASME, EC, AS and applied TVCN. Boilers are controlled according to ISO quality process, to deliver the highest quality products. The boiler has a pressure of 10-30 bar, the maximum capacity is 100 tons/h.

Furnace body

Steam ball, water ballon use heat-resistant steel A515 – Gr.70, A516 – Gr.70 according to American standards.

Water pipes use cast steel pipes according to ASTM A106 Gr.B according to European standards. Arranged in groups to increase heat exchange efficiency.

The water-balloon is machined with high-precision laser cutting and drilling, the water pipes are connected to two water-balloons and steam-balloons by advanced methods used by major European furnace-producing countries. This method of swelling, flare, and edge makes the boiler absolutely safer in use.

Two steam and water ballons are automatically welded by advanced welding methods.

The top cap of the 2 ballons has a manhole for convenient cleaning and maintenance during use.

The boiler body is covered with Rockwool insulation with a density of 120kg/m3, and the outside is covered with 304 stainless steel.

The included accessories

The main steam valve uses the ball valve for steam of the countries of the G7 . group

The safety valve uses the form of a valve that raises when overpressure 100% of the G7 . countries

Exhaust valve uses the ball valve form for steam of countries in group G7

The boiler water supply valve uses the ball valve for steam of the countries of the G7 . group

Boiler blowdown valve uses the ball valve for steam of countries in group G7

Quick release valve uses high temperature resistant ball valve of G7 . countries

Automatic blow-down solenoid valve of G7 . countries

Disc check valve of countries in group G7

The manometer is an important display part of the boiler, also using G7 . countries

The boiler is equipped with 2 high-protection pressure switches, in addition, there is a pressure sensor to give the signal to run the furnace and display it. These devices are selected from Japan, G7 and USA.

The boiler is fitted with 2 sets of glass valves belonging to the countries of the G7 . group

The pots with small capacity control the water level on / off and have 2 levels of shallow protection. For large capacity furnaces, in addition to 2 levels of shallow protection, there is a mudunlating level control installed through the inverter of the water pump.

Main equipment included

– Bucket Loading: The task of supplying coal to the coal hopper, the loading bucket will automatically feed coal into the hopper thanks to 2 level switches mounted on the hopper. The gearbox is selected from famous countries from Japan and Europe.

– Coal hopper: The task of storing coal, depending on the installation location, can be designed to be different from size.

– Coal supply system into the combustion chamber: The coal supply system is also in the form of Mudunlating, supplying coal according to furnace load. The gearbox is selected from famous countries from Japan and Europe.

– Grate: The grate also has many types of burners, registers, foils, and has an angle of inclination. Depending on the type of fuel, you can choose the type of recording accordingly. Currently, the company is importing directly from China, reputable suppliers.

Slag rake: Optimized and durable over time. The gearbox is selected from famous countries from Japan and Europe.

– Water heater: The boiler system can be equipped with water heater, taking advantage of the heat of high-temperature exhaust fumes to heat the feed water before supplying it to the boiler to increase steam generation speed and save fuel. , improve boiler efficiency.

– Air dryer: The boiler system is equipped with air drying, taking advantage of the heat of high-temperature flue gas to dry the air. Hot air is fed into the combustion chamber, to speed up the reaction run with the fuel. Increase furnace efficiency.

– Exhaust smoke treatment system: The flue gas coming out of the boiler is filtered by Cyclone, by centrifugal method. Ash settles down and is taken out by the beam valve (Airlock). After filtering by a dry cyclone, the smoke continues to be extinguished with water, the remaining small dust particles will be washed through the water stream with high pressure. And the air going out reaches the dust concentration according to environmental standards.

– Level 1 blower: Level 1 blower, supplying air under the chain grate. The fan will blow air through the air dryer, the air temperature will be heated up. Hot air will enter below the track plate, fuel on the track and burn.

– Level 2 fan: Level 2 fan, supplying air to the combustion chamber. Combustion occurs on the plate, this process occurs and produces CO, Nox, SOx gases. Level 2 fan is for the purpose of supplying more air to continue to react with CO, Nox, SOx gases. To make the flue gas components out of the furnace up to the allowable standards.

– Smoke exhaust fan: The fan sucks smoke from the combustion chamber through the heating elements, the air heater, the cyclone filter system, the bag filter system, the water membrane filter system, and out the chimney.

– Electrical control cabinet: With the motto of smart furnace operation, KS company chooses PLC, HMI and SCADA control devices (when required by customers). Intelligent control devices are responsible for receiving errors of boiler control devices. In addition, it also warns the boiler operator that it is time for routine maintenance. In addition to intelligent control devices, the electrical equipment in the electrical cabinets uses Europe and Japan. With the friendly and safe motto of the boiler, we bring the best solutions for users.

– Water pump cluster: Everyone knows that the boiler is the heart of the factory, so where is the heart of the boiler. That is the boiler water pump, realizing that it is important that our boiler is always equipped with two pumps from G7 countries. The pumps of our boiler are also intelligently controlled, the pump is run alternately to avoid the situation of not running the damaged pump for a long time. For large capacity furnaces to avoid power consumption and pump life, we install an inverter to control the pump.

– Water treatment system: The boiler system is equipped with a water softener system, which improves steam quality, reduces blowdown time and deposits inside the boiler, and increases boiler life. In addition, the company’s large capacity furnaces are equipped with a degassing tank, to remove oxygen insoluble in water before supplying it to the boiler.


Horizontal industrial boiler is widely used for different industries: textile factory, food and beverage factory, chemical factory, paper factory, plastic factory, garment factory, crystal oil processing, shoe making factory, printing factory, school, hotel, swimming pool, laundry, pharmaceutical, medical, greenhouse, farm, etc….


KS horizontal boiler owns a team of professional design engineers. Before production, all design drawings will be approved by experts in the boiler field. The production process is supervised by a team of experienced engineers in the field of boiler manufacturing. The boiler is shipped when it reaches the designed capacity and ensures safety according to Vietnamese standards.

To ensure quality, all materials used to make the boiler must have a certificate of origin. Newly tested materials that meet the requirements are stored and used for boiler manufacturing.

To ensure weld quality, there is a professional welding team, including more than 10 senior welders. The solder consumables are stored under the proper temperature and humidity, to ensure the quality of the welding consumables.

Non-destructive testing will be done to ensure welding quality, by ultrasonic method, magnetic test or penetration test, etc.

Hydrostatic test will be carried out for strength test and boiler body sealing test. The test pressure is 1.5 times the design pressure. The testing process is under the direction of experts of the pressure equipment testing center. Test results serve as the basis for issuing inspection dossiers for boilers.

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