KS specializes in providing comprehensive technical support services from concept design consultation to project completion. And especially, we focus in-depth on engineering design and manufacture of mechanical equipment and piping systems according to microbiological quality standards. Product quality control is strictly managed and implemented to ensure the entire project meets the highest standards.

In the process of receiving and implementing the project, the customer has the privilege of exchanging work directly with the technical department. In this way, we simplify the process and speed up the process. Besides, KS applies separation techniques, calculating detailed volumes based on CAD drawings for any project size, large or small, with experienced engineers and skilled in 2D & 3D model design. .

KS provides customers with the following mechanical design services:

– Design, disassemble 2D, 3D drawings with copyright CATIA or TOPSOLID.

– Consulting on CNC machining, mechanical product design and machine details for units that need

– Design molds (plastic molds, punching molds, blow molds…) with intelligent and advanced software: TOPSOLID, CATIA.

– Draw designs, simulate the movements of machines and machine parts.

– Draw and design any details according to customer needs.

– Consulting, designing, providing modules in the shipbuilding industry.

Service Process

– Customers with hand-drawn concept drawings, we will help customers build 3D CAD models quickly and accurately.

– Customers have 3D drawings and need 2D drawings for manufacturing, we will help customers do it.

– Customers who want to calculate the structure of details with powerful CAE software such as Topsolid, CATIA, we will give customers the most optimal design.

– The customer wants a simulation of a part to evaluate its ability to work.

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