Besides the fields of design consulting, mechanical processing, installation and construction of civil – industrial projects, industrial parks and residential areas, factories, etc. known by customers.

Producing  multi-disc screw slurry press equipment and mechanical-environmental equipment, distributing products manufactured by KS is one of KS’s strengths.

To affirm its position in the domestic market and vision to neighboring countries. KS PTI Co., Ltd is always ready to provide all services to customers. The company’s products have been well accepted and appreciated by the projects. The production facility, operation mechanism and supply of equipment and materials are managed by a team of highly qualified and professional staff with many years of experience in production, management and administration. the most efficient process.

With the goal of meeting the increasing needs of customers, always giving customers more choices and benefits, we commit to:

  • High quality (products and services);
  • Manufacture of multi-disc screw slurry presses and processing equipment and environmental equipment;
  • Update and invest in advanced and efficient machinery and equipment;
  • Strictly comply with current standards and regulations in the field of equipment production and supply;
  • Train qualified personnel to meet Customer’s requirements and general development.

Our company is pleased to cooperate and provide customers with products from KS with the most competitive price, the most perfect service, and the best quality assurance according to Vietnamese standards.

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