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Over the years, KS has constantly improved its infrastructure, implemented 5S and improved the most suitable service process to affirm its business position in Vietnam and in the world.

KS specializes in providing technical support services, design consulting to the project completion stage. With a team of experienced staff in the field of consulting and designing Thi Thien, applying separation techniques, detailed volume calculations based on CAD drawings for any project size, large or small, with advanced techniques. Experienced and skilled engineers in designing 2D & 3D models and other software such as: TOPSOLID,  CATIA , Geomagic Design X...  create good product value - standard service quality that completely meets the tastes of customers. customer.

Producing  multi-disc screw slurry press equipment and mechanical-environmental equipment, distributing products manufactured by KS is one of KS's strengths.
Based on advanced technology, modern machinery, production facilities, operation mechanism and supply of equipment and materials managed by a team of highly qualified and professional staff with many years of experience in manufacturing, managing and operating processes to achieve the highest efficiency.
Our company is pleased to cooperate and provide customers with products from Thi Thien with the most competitive price, the most perfect service, and the best quality assurance according to Vietnamese standards.

KS has the ability to carry out projects with other special requirements. In addition, we also provide processing and fabrication services according to customers' tastes, processing according to drawings and products on request.
KS is confident in our ability to carry out the most complex machining stages and projects, meeting the highest quality standards, we have been trusted by our customers in the fabrication of steel equipment. stainless steel for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, beer, cosmetic, environmental and other industries.

With KS's goal in construction and installation to optimize time by completing the installation work accurately, with quality so that customers can operate smoothly for many years to come. We provide advanced installation techniques and methods to ensure a successful project.
KS always invests in modern machinery and equipment, strengthens training activities to improve qualifications and skills of workers. Along with the application of the quality management system ISO 9001:2000, a team of experienced engineers and technical workers, modern equipment and capacity, ensuring on schedule, and providing the best service. bring satisfaction to customers.

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