Pipeline construction

Specializing in the field of construction and processing of pipeline systems such as:

Construction of chemical pipelines
Construction of pccc pipelines
Construction of pressure pipes Construction of food grade
stainless steel tanks
Construction of ro ​​water tanks
Construction of industrial water supply pipelines
Construction of chemical tanks
Construction of industrial stainless steel tanks
Thi working floor

sink Industrial sink
Construction of heat pipe
Construction of cold pipe
Construction of industrial dust extraction system
Construction of factory dust extraction system
Construction of electric trough
Construction of dust collection
system Construction of air duct system


Construction of clean room systems, production and processing of tanks, mixing tanks, serving in industry 

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Chemical pipeline installation is to connect the piping system from the tank to the tank or from the tank truck to the tank.

KS PTI is proud to be the most professional and prestigious supplier and installer of chemical pipes nationwide.

PTI KS Company specializes in manufacturing clean room and laboratory equipment. The company’s products are made from stainless steel 304, 316 and powder coated iron: such as Air Shower, pass box, toxic fume hood, drying cabinet, microbiological culture cabinet, chemical storage cabinet … and pipeline installation. microbiology of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beer and wine – beverage, technology pipelines, compressed air pressure pipes, water supply and drainage pipes… for enterprises and factories across the country.

With the leading reputation and a team of skilled workers with many years of experience and high expertise, KS PTI is confident to bring the maximum satisfaction to customers.

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