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Design consultancy

KS specializes in providing full technical support...

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Equipment supply

In addition to the fields of design consultancy, mechanical processing ...

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Construction - installation

We provide advanced installation techniques and methods to...

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Processing and manufacturing

KS knows the standard of stainless steel, only using raw materials...

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KS provides comprehensive technical support services from concept design to project completion. And especially, we focus on engineering design and manufacture of tanks and piping systems according to microbiological standards. Quality control is strictly managed to ensure the entire project is up to the highest standards.

In the process of receiving and implementing the project, the customer has the privilege of exchanging work directly with the technical department. In this way, we simplify the process and speed up the process. Besides, Thi Thien applies detailed analysis techniques on CAD drawings for any project large or small with experienced and skilled engineers in 2D modeling & 3D.

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KS knows the standards of stainless steel, using only European materials from famous suppliers such as Outokumpu, Acerinox. Typical projects usually use 304, 304L, 316, 316L and Nuplex but we are capable of carrying out projects with other special requirements.

By meeting the highest quality standards, we have been trusted by renowned customers worldwide in the manufacture of stainless steel equipment for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage industries. , beer, cosmetics, paint and other industries. Thi Thien is confident in her ability to execute the most complex designs and difficult projects.

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We provide advanced installation techniques and methods to ensure a successful project. Thanks to the skill of 3G welder & 6G, quality management system, safety management, occupational health and environment, we ensure the projects will be completed smoothly, establish a sustainable relationship with customers, consulting companies, subcontractors. In the construction of the pipeline system or the installation of equipment such as large tanks, silos or other equipment, we can do the job correctly the first time.

Our goal is to optimize uptime by getting the job done correctly so you can keep it up and running for years to come.


We offer a top service at a reasonable price.

KS would like to send greetings and honor to cooperate and serve with your company, customers!

Call us now at 1900 055 595 for the best support.

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